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TU Liberec and TU Chemnitz presented cooperation opportunitiesat the AMIA industry association meeting

Updated: May 13

On April 29, 2024, we welcomed industry representatives to the Institute of Nanomaterials in Liberec for the regular meeting of the AMIA (Advanced Materials Industrial Association), where scientists from the Institute of Nanomaterials present their research to them once a year. The Technical University of Liberec (TUL) as the leader of the InterBridge project and its project partner Technische Universität Chemnitz (TUC) became key players in this event, which connected seemingly disparate worlds: science, industry and art.

In addition to presentations by scientists who introduced company representatives to research activities in areas such as nanotechnology and materials engineering, two projects implemented within the Interreg Czech-Saxony program were also presented. Our InterBridge project, which focuses on connecting science and art, played an important role in this story.

During the presentation of the InterBridge project, the attending company representatives learned about the MERGE research center, which deals with innovations in the field of lightweight construction and has a similar position in the organizational structure of TUC as CXI at TUL. The MERGE center also includes the Department of Lightweight Construction and Polymer Technologies, where the research group of Textile, Plastic and Hybrid Composites operates under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Daisy Nestler. This group is engaged in the development of composite materials and plastics with a wide range of industrial applications and is also our project partner in both Interreg Czech-Saxony projects. In InterBridge, we share a common vision of connecting innovative technologies with artistic expression. In the second project, which will start in November this year, TUL and TUC will collaborate in the field of imaging, measurement and analysis of industrial materials on the newly acquired modern Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM). Ing.

Pavel Kejzlar from the Laboratory of Optical Methods presented the possibilities of

this unique device and its potential for industrial use.

The AMIA association meeting thus fulfilled its purpose and became a platform for connecting the scientific community with industry. Representatives of companies have received valuable informations about the research activities of the Institute of Nanomaterials and the German MERGE research center, about opportunities for cooperation in the field of nanomaterials, polymers and composites research, and about unique projects implemented within the Interreg Czech-Saxony program. We believe that this event will lead to the establishment of new contacts and the development of innovative partnerships in the field of research and development of new materials.

Hana Křížová

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