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Interdisciplinary bridge - InterBridge

The purpose of the project is to create space for intensive cross-border cooperation between TUL and TUC

and artistic entities from the Czech-Saxon region, to contribute to the development of the region through cultural
exchange and strengthening of international cooperation.


We pursue three main goals:

and)Connecting science and art mainly through seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences.
The idea is to create a space for the exchange of information, innovative ideas and cooperation between
scientific institutions, established artists and creatives from the general public and prepare materials

and environment for a new field of study focused on the application of technology in art.

b)Inspiration for artists, creatives and businesses to use technology and material research. We want to
to support the creation of new projects and initiatives that combine scientific progress with artistic and creative ones

C)Increasing public awareness about research, technology and art. We emphasize public
education and enlightenment in new technologies and materials research. Together we want to inform

and reach out to the public, schools and other institutions and bring science, technology and art closer to them through
exhibitions, educational materials and collections.

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