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Summary of our first public event.

Updated: Mar 26

At the lecture "Scientific photography and microphotography" we have witnessed a unique connection, where the microscope served not only as a scientific instrument, but also as a source of art. Viktor Sýkora, known for his photographic escapades to the micro and nano world (the secrets of plants, the invisible human world), proved that even the smallest scientific object can be a star on the screen of the Art Gallery.

The lecture, which took place within the Interbridge project - Interdisciplinary Bridge, funded by the Interreg Czech -Saxony program, was a testimony to how science could not only be instructive, but also surprisingly photogenic.


The present and online audience also witnessed how Mr. Sýkora transformed pictures of parts of the plants or insects from the optical and electron microscope into the works of art, winning awards around the world, including two prestigious prizes from German Bremen (German prize for Scientific Photography in 2010 and 2013).


But what was a lecture without an audience? With the twenty enthusiasts in the lecture hall and about the same number of other followers - mostly from Germany, who joined the lecture for two hours online. Lecture was interpreted directly in the same room by Mr. Vitvar and the atmosphere was more than academic. And who, after two hours of concentration on the interpretation, could resist the sandwiches, mini desserts and refreshing fruit bowls that not only enchanted the eye, but also pleased taste buds?


The lecture was just an inspiring beginning. The project promises workshops where participants will have the opportunity to experience the entire process firsthand. Starting from a simple sample they bring in, they witness how it transforms into images magnified several thousand times under an electron microscope. They'll also learn about the patient approach required for subsequent graphic processing – editing, cleaning, coloring, synthesizing, and more. The inspiration of Mr. Sýkora will thus serve as a bridge between science and art, allowing participants not only to explore the beauty of micro and nano world, but also the patience and detailed work behind each picture.


This bridge between the Czech Republic and Saxony, between science and art, is clear evidence that cooperation and interdisciplinary approach can open new horizons. With the following lecture on macro photography insects, which is planned at the beginning of May, we cannot wait what other breathtaking views of nature will be brought to the Interbridge project.


And as Mr. Sýkora says, his greatest success is the printing some of his photography in National Geographic and Science. This is a reminder that even in the smallest detail can be hidden endless beauty, waiting for us to discover it. So, whether you are interested in science, art or just sandwiches you should not miss the next Interbridge project event, which we will inform in time on our website!

Hana Křížová

Lecture of Mgr.Viktor Sýkora - Scientific photography and microphotography, that took place on 19.3 from 15 to 18 hours in the conference room on the 4th floor of the Institute for Nanomaterials in Liberec.


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